Who We Are

Our group conducts research in cardiovascular physiology, working especially with experimental animals (rats and mice) evaluating different physiological and pathophysiological aspects of neurohumoral control of circulation.

Studies developed in our laboratory have focused at several levels of the living organism, i.e. from cellular to whole body integrative physiology. The group is led by the physiologists Professors Helio C. Salgado and Rubens Fazan Jr. both M.D. and Ph.D.

Prof. Helio Salgado has been studying for decades the pathophysiology of hypertension and heart failure. More recently, his laboratory is studying the neural reflex control of inflammation using conscious rats and mice. Prof. Rubens Fazan has been investigating the mechanisms underlying the neural control of cardiovascular variability. Several approaches are currently used in his laboratory to obtain precise information from heart rate and arterial pressure variability, under different physiological and pathophysiological situations.

Biennual course

As part of our activities, every two years we offer a short (one week) course on heart rate variability to graduate students. The course aims to introduce basic and advanced issues on neural control of cardiovascular system. Last year (2016), the course was offered from 21st to 25th of November (program here, in portuguese).

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